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Obtaining Your Wellness Points!

Here is what you can do to receive your points:


Sign up for a Guardrails Wellness appointment today at an you will receive a nutrition, body composition, metabolic, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal assessment with a 6-week exercise and nutrition plan to achieve optimal health. The assessment is non-invasive and no exercise or special attire is required. Wellness points will be rewarded for good scores, or improvement, on your assessment.


There are two ways to earn your 300 points! 1) Show a “Healthy Cane” score on your first assessment, then come in 6 weeks later to show you’ve maintained your “Healthy Canes” score.; or 2) Received an assessment with some areas to improve and return 6 weeks later showing better scores. In either case, you will earn your 300 points!


The specific scores monitored will be: 1) systolic blood pressure < 130 and diastolic blood pressure < 80; 2) a double product < 11,000 (Hr x SBP); 3) body fat percentage for males < 25% and for females, < 32%, 4) a Guardrails “Fitness Age” equal to or less than your actual age, and 5) a Guardrails “Heart Age” equal to or younger than your actual age.​

To Receive Your Points:


After a Guardrails Wellness Consultant has conducted your second assessment; contact Dr. Wesley Smith at Or call, 305-284-3024; and you’re results will be forwarded to UM Benefits to assure you receive your points!

Guardrails research is devoted improving assessment protocols, recommendations, and adherance strategies across multiple populations in order to reduce the burden of chronic disease and enhance the performance of our athletes. If your business or clinic would like to partner with one of our research projects, we would like to meet with you to discuss potential collaboration.

For scheduling, pricing, and further information, please provide your information below including a brief description of your request.

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